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EDSA Robotics offers enterprise class services to boost your digital transformation initiatives.
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RPA Consulting

Workshop RPA Free

We provide an introduction to RPA to your organization at no cost, including candidate processes identification activities.

Process Assessment

We help you identify and prioritize candidate processes based on RPA potential.

COE Support

We help your RPA Centre of Excellence, providing support and best practices in all COE activities, process analysis, technical environment optimization, and quality assurance.

RPA Business Analytics

Our business analysts are trained in RPA and will help you in a wide range of activities: process mapping, user training, requirements gathering, functional design, quality assurance, etc.

RPA Factory

Robot Construction

We build all kinds of robots. UIPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate and EDSA robots.

RPA Architecture

We plan and design your RPA architecture. Our certified architects follow manufacturers' best practices to deliver scalable and secure enterprise RPA solutions.

Certified Developers

Our developers and architects, certified in UiPath, Automation Anywhere and Blue Prism, deliver robust automations. Our enterprise-class technical services are based on 20 years of development experience.

RPA Operation

Robot sustain

We keep your robots up and running. Our Sustain Team can fix any kind of problem.

Level 1 and Level 2 Helpdesk

Our ITIL-based RPA Service Desk is committed to excellence in supporting your RPA implementation.

Deployment & Devops

We help you make the transition from development to production. We can configure and manage your development, testing, UAT, and production environments.

Success stories

Check out these Robotic Process Automation success stories.

RPA Journey

We guide and support your organization throughout the planning and execution of RPA implementation on an enterprise-wide basis.

RPA Awareness

In the first stage of the Journey, we build awareness of RPA in the organization. We provide hands-on team workshops covering topics such as: what RPA is, technology benefits, real-case studies, governance & corporate program execution, process selection tools & methodology, and process selection.

Successful Pilot

We continue the Journey by carrying out a Pilot Project. At this point, an automated process comes into production for the first time. The main purpose of this stage is to understand the organization’s readiness to start implementing the technology on an enterprise-wide basis.

Rollout Preparation

It's time to plan your RPA implementation. We help you establish your RPA governance, recommending implementation methodologies and best practices. We can train your CoE and work in partnership with it. We walk right beside you through candidate process discovery, benefit analysis, and prioritization.


Implement your RPA strategy and get people and robots working together. We help you manage your RPA process pipeline, implement governance and compliance measures, perform process assessment and design, build and maintain your robots, set up and configure the infrastructure, track and manage metrics, train your CoE members, and much more.


EDSA Robotics offers enterprise class technology.
You choose between cloud or on-premises. We master both.


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